The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and the theological paintings that took Michelangelo five years to complete.

So far, I have chosen to allow comments to my blog posts. I am new at hosting a website, but I believe this type of communication can be valuable. But I’m beginning to realize that I need to set some guidelines to create the kind of environment that I’m comfortable in.

I want my website to be appropriate for all ages. I want my twelve-year-old granddaughter to be able to read what I’m writing and the comments of readers.

I’d like to focus on learning history, especially events in Christian history. It would be wonderful if comments contributed to our historical knowledge.

I want my website and comments to be as truthful as possible. I will not be interested in any comments that are too bizarre or have no evidence to back them up. Also, to keep with that theme, I am open to being corrected if I provide wrong information.

In summary, I want my website to be a calming escape from the anxiety that occupies so much of our lives. No venting, no name calling, no foul language, no politics, no hostility. Just reasonable discussions about how Christianity shaped and was shaped by historical events, and any other subjects I mentioned on my blog.


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