Old Testament

“Proof” that Bible Writers Were Inspired by God

I find it interesting that multitudes of Christians say the Bible is literally true to the smallest detail because the Bible’s writers were “inspired by God”. What does that even mean? According to my dictionary, inspired means “to fill someone with confidence and desire to do something”, or in other words, to motivate someone toward […]

Borrowing From Egyptian Mythology

Reading time: Approximately 10-12 minutes. This post picks up where the “Rosetta Stone: A Portal to the Past” left off. Scholars had deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics after the incredibly fortunate discovery of the engraved stone. The science of archeology was just gaining traction in the early nineteenth century and archeological teams were unearthing artifacts from Egyptian […]

What Our Founding Fathers Thought About Christian Nationalism

Reading time: About 15 minutes.   In recent years the US has experienced a surge of Christian radicalism unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetimes. This wave seems to still be building and becoming further removed from reality. It’s uncertain when if it will crest and break or continue to rise. Christian […]

The Birth and Evolution of Satan

Reading time: About 7 minutes. Our understanding of Satan Most of us know who Satan is. Some view him as an imaginary, mythological character, while others believe he is 100% real. He can be a cartoon figure to some, and evil incarnate to others. He could be a material or a supernatural being. Whatever he […]

Circumcision and the Holy Foreskin

Circumcision and the Holy Foreskin: Reading time approximately 4 minutes. What’s the importance of circumcision? Circumcision was a very contentious issue from the very beginning of the Christian religion. It was an important Jewish tradition and the early followers of Jesus—who were all Jews—wanted to require it for non-Jewish, or gentile, converts as well. Circumcision […]