“Proof” that Bible Writers Were Inspired by God

I find it interesting that multitudes of Christians say the Bible is literally true to the smallest detail because the Bible’s writers were “inspired by God”. What does that even mean? According to my dictionary, inspired means “to fill someone with confidence and desire to do something”, or in other words, to motivate someone toward […]

Honesty and Dishonesty In Christianity

The choice influential people must make In any organization, leaders and other influential people must make a very important decision. That is to decide how honest they are going to be with their group. Will they tell the truth as they believe it to be? Will they admit they don’t know everything, research the subject, […]

What Our Founding Fathers Thought About Christian Nationalism

Reading time: About 15 minutes.   In recent years the US has experienced a surge of Christian radicalism unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetimes. This wave seems to still be building and becoming further removed from reality. It’s uncertain when if it will crest and break or continue to rise. Christian […]

The Militarization of Christianity

Militarization of Christianity: Reading time about 8-10 minutes. About twenty years ago, our family attended the patriotic Fourth of July extravaganza at our church. After all the flag waving, chest-thumping, and patriotic songs were over, and we were in our car, my daughter asked me a question. “Dad, why does our church celebrate the military […]

Jean Meslier, the Atheist Priest of the Enlightenment

Jean Meslier, the atheist priest of the Enlightenment: Reading time approximately 2 minutes In 1678, the French fourteen-year-old, Jean Meslier, began to study Latin. He became a Catholic priest by the time he was twenty-five. He died in 1729, at the age of sixty-five, a little-known and humble clergyman. It was the writings that were […]