The Militarization of Christianity

Militarization of Christianity: Reading time about 8-10 minutes. About twenty years ago, our family attended the patriotic Fourth of July extravaganza at our church. After all the flag waving, chest-thumping, and patriotic songs were over, and we were in our car, my daughter asked me a question. “Dad, why does our church celebrate the military […]

Jean Meslier, the Atheist Priest of the Enlightenment

Jean Meslier, the atheist priest of the Enlightenment: Reading time approximately 2 minutes In 1678, the French fourteen-year-old, Jean Meslier, began to study Latin. He became a Catholic priest by the time he was twenty-five. He died in 1729, at the age of sixty-five, a little-known and humble clergyman. It was the writings that were […]