Cultural conflict

Christians Bear the Historic Blame for What is Happening in Israel

Reading time: About 10 minutes. If you are a Christian and this title bothers you, I’m here to explain some things we should know about world history. The statement that Christians bear this blame may disturb you, but it’s true. Much of what’s in this post I didn’t know until I began research for my […]

The Militarization of Christianity

Militarization of Christianity: Reading time about 8-10 minutes. About twenty years ago, our family attended the patriotic Fourth of July extravaganza at our church. After all the flag waving, chest-thumping, and patriotic songs were over, and we were in our car, my daughter asked me a question. “Dad, why does our church celebrate the military […]

Why Do I Write About Christian History?

Why do I write about Christian history? Reading time: About 5-6 minutes. Like multitudes of Americans, I am deeply concerned about the increasing polarization of our society. I’m far from alone in seeing that one of the main causes for this is misinformation—lies, exaggerations, and reliance on the wrong authorities for information. I believe the lack […]

The Dilemma, Clashing World-views, and the Solution

Reading Time: About 10 minutes Part One: The Dilemma   Sometime in our distant past, our species, homo sapiens, developed the mental capabilities we now possess. That first spark of intelligence was most likely inherited from species that preceded ours, although many people feel that it was directly instilled in us by some supernatural being. […]