Christianity’s past

Exploring Christian History: The Book of Revelation

A real head-scratcher on many levels The book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, may be the most confusing book ever written. It’s a book full of bewildering and terrifying visions. Christians obsess over determining its hidden meanings because their eternal life may depend on getting it right.  Does it really give […]

The Dilemma, Clashing World-views, and the Solution

Reading Time: About 10 minutes Part One: The Dilemma   Sometime in our distant past, our species, homo sapiens, developed the mental capabilities we now possess. That first spark of intelligence was most likely inherited from species that preceded ours, although many people feel that it was directly instilled in us by some supernatural being. […]

Exploring Christian History: The Bones of Saint Nicholas

Today, people remember Saint Nicholas as a generous man who lived long ago in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). His superiors chose him as the bishop of Myra because of his admirable reputation. His gift-giving, miracle-working, and great wisdom combined to make people respect him as a saint even during his lifetime. He died in AD 343, […]