You Say You’re a Christian, What Does That Mean?

Christian Indoctrination One seemingly necessary part of most indoctrinations into Christianity is the one that teaches new Christians that they are special. In fact, they’re “God’s chosen people”. Jews say they held that distinction long before Christians appeared on the scene and they are absolutely correct. But once Christianity became the Roman Empire’s favored religion, […]

The Origin of Christianity is Coming into Focus

Reading time: About 8-10 minutes. If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ve noticed that most of them are focused on stimulating conversations about the origin of Christianity and its many customs. I try to avoid coming across as a professor of theology or history because that’s not what I am. I’m just an amateur […]

Do We Really Need Another Christian Reference Book?

Reading time: About 8-10 minutes. Many people may ask why they would possibly need another Christian reference book. There are already shelves full of reference books concerning every aspect of Christianity—all the books of the Bible, all non-biblical Christian writings, Bible atlases and maps, even books on every important person in the Bible. We have […]

The Bible’s Mystical Numbers

The Bible’s Mystical Numbers. Reading time: 6-7 minutes. I’ve always been intrigued by the numbers the Bible writers used repeatedly. To me, the Bible’s mystical numbers seemed to be code words with hidden meanings. Where they only significant in Jewish-Christian tradition or did those numbers have similar meanings in other cultures? This post is my […]

Christians in the Headlights

Christians in the Headlights. Reading Time: 8-10 minutes. Introduction As I begin, I need to explain something. I do not believe all evangelicals think or act alike. I try my best to steer away from stereotyping people before I even meet them. Like with every human population, evangelicals cover a wide spectrum. Many have been […]

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