Author: J. Steven Paul

What Does the Clergy Know About God?

Attitudes toward salespeople Usually, people tend to be suspicious of salespeople. Sellers must demonstrate that they have a product worth buying. Like a Swiss Army knife or a quicker espresso maker. Its features will hopefully make life more enjoyable and/or less complicated for the buyer. If the salesperson can’t demonstrate the product’s advantages, they at […]

Christian Fantasy: The Archko Volume and Other Fables

  The little-known, but much revered Christian savior Christians desperately wish they had more information about Jesus. For instance, there is no good physical description of him in the Gospels. Almost nothing is known about his childhood, and absolutely nothing was mentioned about his whereabouts from age 12 to 30. The New Testament mentions almost […]

The Endless Crusades: How the Papacy Dealt With Its Most Stubborn Opponents

The Holy Land Crusades Most US school children are taught about the Christian crusades to the Holy Land at some point in their education. The term crusade is derived from the Latin word crux, meaning cross. Those events occurred in the what is known as the High Middle Ages (roughly the 11th to 14th centuries). […]

“Proof” that Bible Writers Were Inspired by God

I find it interesting that multitudes of Christians say the Bible is literally true to the smallest detail because the Bible’s writers were “inspired by God”. What does that even mean? According to my dictionary, inspired means “to fill someone with confidence and desire to do something”, or in other words, to motivate someone toward […]

Honesty and Dishonesty In Christianity

The choice influential people must make In any organization, leaders and other influential people must make a very important decision. That is to decide how honest they are going to be with their group. Will they tell the truth as they believe it to be? Will they admit they don’t know everything, research the subject, […]

The Long, Strange Trip of Ancient Wisdom

How the remnants of pre-Christian knowledge found their way into our modern lives. Some of the ancient world’s most advanced civilizations were in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Their cultures provided fertile ground for the advancement of science, mathematics, literature, and more. But as civilizations were ravaged by wars, and Christian doctrine eventually spread throughout […]

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